1. Type of translation solution: "creating an equivalence of the same value applicable to a different situation than that of the source language" (Vinay and Darbelnet 1958/1995: 338); a translation based on supposedly equivalent situations.
2. Intersemiotic translation: modification of content to suit another medium, as when a film is an adaptation of a novel (cf. Nachdichtung).

Related terms

synonyms: recontextualization?

antonyms: literal translation

Use in context

1. "Adaptation can, therefore, be considered a special kind of equivalence, a situational equivalence" (Vinay and Darbelnet 1958/1995: 39).
2. "Sergei Eisenstein's plan to make a dramatic screen adaptation of Karl Marx's Das Kapital"


1. "In a country where the fig tree is considered to be harmful, another plant can be substituted for the fig tree in the Biblical parable" (Vinay and Darbelnet 1958/1995: 338).
2. My Fair Lady is an adaptation of Shaw's Pygmalion.

Corresponding terms in other languages

CA: adaptació
DE: 1. Beartbeitung, 2. Adaptation (Filmadaptation, Verfilmung), Nachdichtung
EL: προσαρμογή
ES: adaptación
FA: اقتباس
FR: adaptation
IT: 2. adattamento (cinematografico)
PL: adaptacja
PT: adaptação
RU: приспособление
TR: adaptasyon
ZH: 改寫


1. There is an Association of Adaptation Studies.


Vinay, Jean-Paul, and Jean Darbelnet. 1958/1995. Comparative Stylistics of French and English. A Methodology for Translation, trans. Juan C. Sager and M.-J. Hamel. Amsterdam and Philadelphia: John Benjamins.

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