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Production of subtitles (printed translations of the dialogue of a foreign-language film shown at the bottom of the screen).

Related terms

synonyms: captioning

antonyms: surtitling, dubbing, voice-over

Use in context

"Three main language transfer practices exist side by side in Europe for audiovisual works: subtitling, dubbing and voice-over" (Media Consulting Group 2011: 6)

Corresponding terms in other languages

DE: Untertitel, mit Untertitel versehen
ES: subtitulaje, subtitulado, subtitulación
FA: زیرنویس کردن
FR: sous-titrage
FI: tekstitys
IT: sottotitolaggio, sottotitolazione
PT: legendagem
SV: textning, AV-versttning, undertextning
TR: alt yazı çevirisi
ZH: 字幕


Discussion of the Spanish terms
Types of subtitling


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The potential of subtitling to encourage foreign language learning and improve the mastery of foreign languages EACEA/2009/01 ]

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